First and foremost, I know the past few weeks have not been easy for anyone, so I hope you are all staying safe and healthy in these uncertain times. Below is the latest update regarding the 2020 Global Goaltending Retreat and the coronavirus.

As you know this is a dynamic and ever-changing situation, so if you have any questions, please reach out and we can discuss.


As of today, April 14, the 2020 GAI Slovenia – summer camp is still on-schedule for June 24-28. We are checking in regularly about the status of the epidemic and the rink and will pass along any updates that are made regarding closures. At this time, we strongly advise guests to obtain travel insurance if and when booking flights!!

With this announcement, along with the uncertainty around international and domestic travel, I understand this may change your decision to attend this year’s camp. If this is the case, please notify me as soon as possible! I completly understand if you choose not to come.

I will plan to send another update soon.

Obviously we will continue monitoring this situation closely and provide updates when we get them, but that’s all for now. Otherwise, stay safe out there and feel free to message me anytime.


Best regards,

Peter Škrabelj

GAI Slovenia head coach