Goalie CAMPS

GAI Slovenia trains goalies from youth to professional level. We organize one and two day camps troughout the season. On our camps, we always treat every goalie like a proffesional.

We address all the basics like stance, movement, recoveries, save selections, angle play and rebound control. Daily power skating is an important part of this program. We will also focus on technical refinement, tactical training, mobility issues and will aim to improve the goaltender’s ability to read and dictate flows of attack. The on-ice program is heavily weighted towards high velocity, full effort initial and secondary scoring attempts.


High tempo, realistic game situations are extensively used.

Coach – student ratio is usually 1:3. Small groups and attention to details is what we strive towards at GAI Slovenia.


Modern video technology is used during on ice practices and videos are analyzed right on the spot or in the classroom. This provides an important feedback so that the goalie can eliminate weak points. We use slow motion videos and 1:1 coach-student video analisys on the ice, immediately after the drill.