Vaše mnenje / Your feedback

Vaše mnenje / Your feedback


Hi goalies and parents!


One month since the camp went by really fast and I hope that at least some of you are enjoying on vacations now :).


First of all, I would like to THANK each and every one of you!!! You were awesome! You worked hard and I believe that all of you learned a lot.


Here I am sending you a form and I would really appreciate if you will take a few minutes and help us get better with you comments. I would love to hear your opinion. Of course everyone like compliments and I am no exception :). So, do not hesitate to write some :). BUT … please also do not hesitate to write about what YOU DID NOT LIKE!!! I want to take this camp to even higher level next year, so your comments about what you would add/change are extremely important to me, because if I know what you did not like, I can do something about that in the future :). So tell me everything. And no worries … you will not be banned from camp next year for being honest ;).


And as we mentioned summer camp in 2020 for a few times … we alredy have the dates :). GAI Slovenia summer camp 2020 will take place at BLED (yes, again) from 29. 06. 2020 – 03. 07. 2020 :).


You can already register here, so do not hesitate and reserve your spot now :).


I am really looking forward meeting you next June!!!